Digital Manufacturing Training System for SMEs


The Digit-T platform will offer a coherent training system to provide an overview of Digital Manufacturing relying on the latest developments for computer science (CS), information and communication technologies (ICT), and manufacturing science and technology (MST). 







The courses in the group, besides offering a comprehensive introduction to Industry 4.0, covers relevant topics related to Management in I4.0 and digital transformation of the manufacturing sector like key enabling technologies related to I4.0, challenges and keys for a successful digital transformation including diagnostic concepts as technology maturity level, technology roadmapping and digital strategy definition, workforce evolution in I4.0 and key professional competencies, team management and teamwork in connected industrial environments and lifelong learning strategies in I4.0 as a success factor. 



                  30 hours


                English, Italian and Spanish


Advanced manufacturing is the use of the latest innovative technology to create novel products to improve quality and productivity. This technology is developing at an increasingly rapid pace, but it's important for companies to cut through the hype and buzzwords and to understand what the technology truly offers. 


This module shows how new technologies can be used to improve the coordination of manufacturing processes and understand them better, to identify areas of improvement and rapidly change systems to cope with an increasingly dynamic market.  



Industrial robots have been developed to perform repetitive tasks in a structured environment, which means that it is clearly and precisely known by the robots, no variables exist so that it is fully predictable and the consequence of the robot action predictable too. 

The next step is to have robots performing a variety of tasks in a human environment, which is unstructured and dynamic. In order to operate in such an environment robots need to acquire the information, learn continuously, make decisions and react appropriately to unanticipated circumstances; they have to become "intelligent".

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